vexvim (vexvim) wrote,

lesbians have great taste in women

so i should be working but i am slightly drunk from last night

i should also be posting like real day by day accounts but i am having more fun just posting random shit.

so do you know when FHM or Maxim posts their top 100 hottest women? I always feel sick when I get those lists because the women are like these famous scary porno monsters (carmen electra, pam anderson) or just over exposed bimbos (paris, nicole....uhm the daughter of rod stewart)

so I found out - this lesbian site did their top 100 and 7 of their top 10 don't appear in any of the previous mentioned men's magazines lists whatsoever

so after reading over their list, i find i agree more with their lists that the men's lists. There are exceptions in there...for example: ellen (don't find her funny or cute. sorry.) and carmen electra and lindsey lohan manage to sneak in their list too...gillian anderson can lick my ass ever since we exchanged words on the kevin and bean show on kroq (I called in. she said punk rock was evil and meant it.)

I also like the fact that there are a lot of older ladies in there. Susan Sarandon, Stockard Channing and mmmmmrowr the ever stunning Catherine Deneuve

LL COOL J (lesbians love cool joe) was a joke glen and i shared about the situations I would seemingly consistently find myself in with queer girls. Maybe part of the reason that would happen is because my tastes are kind of in the same realm? who knows

what i do know is....

good job lesbians! your top 100 list rules!
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